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The Power of Data & Transparency in Commercial Real Estate

Investor expectations are higher now than ever before in history, challenging CRE sponsors to look differently at the ways they engage, communicate, report, and otherwise conduct every aspect of their business. Today’s investors now demand 24-7, real-time access to investment performance and actionable insights driven by the data, and this level of access and transparency are the new norm for the 21st-century investor. In fact, 63% of investors cite ‘degree of transparency’ as being an important consideration for their investment.

Join us on Thursday, September 26th for a panel discussion about how to leverage the power of data in commercial real estate.

Our discussion will highlight:

  • How investor expectations have changed over the years and resulting impacts on the investor reporting process
  • What kinds of on-demand reporting capabilities investors are demanding
  • The degree of transparency institutional investors are looking for
  • Leveraging technology to create a value-add investor experience
  • Best practice strategies for using data to drive strategy and decision-making

2:00 PM ET Thursday, September 26th


Ron Rossi Square
Ron Rossi
VP, Business Development
Investor Management Services