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How to Access & Deploy Capital Efficiently in CRE

In a 2018 survey, almost 2/3 of CRE sponsors indicated that they would like to increase the amount of capital they deploy, yet some are struggling in the execution. Many of these firms demonstrate a willingness to embrace disruptive technologies that address these roadblocks and changing market conditions, but they are not always sure how to do so effectively.

Join us on Tuesday, January 15th at 1:00PM ET for a discussion with industry leaders about how to efficiently access and deploy capital for commercial real estate in 2019.

Our discussion will highlight:

  • The benefits of open-ended funds vs closed-end funds
  • The advantages of debt vs equity
  • How to effectively issue capital calls
  • Leveraging technology to efficiently access and deploy capital

January 15th at 1:00PM ET


Ron Rossi Square
Ron Rossi
Vice President, Business Development
Investor Management Services
Noah Miller
Noah Miller
Vice President of Acquisitions & Finance
Pensam Capital, LLC