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Getting Out of Excel – Leveraging Technology to Reduce Risk, Increase Accuracy, and Provide Transparency

Spreadsheets are a common business tool that are fairly easy to use and can handle complex calculations. In the world of commercial real estate, programs such as Excel and Google Sheets are often used to calculate waterfall distributions. However, the problem is that you can almost always get a result in a spreadsheet, but that doesn’t mean those numbers are accurate. In fact, 9 out of 10 spreadsheets contain at least one error, and research shows that attempts to correct those problems often introduce additional errors.

Join us on Tuesday, July 23rd for an expert panel discussion about leveraging technology to reduce spreadsheet risk, increase accuracy, provide transparency, and enable scalability.

Our discussion will highlight:

  • Common types of spreadsheet errors and associated risks
  • Benefits of leveraging CRE technology
  • Waterfall best practices and key learnings

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Ron Rossi
VP, Business Development
Investor Management Services
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Adam Gower Ph.D.
30+ year veteran real estate investment and finance professional