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How Greater Transparency Leads to More Efficient CRE Markets

Over 60% of investors cite degree of transparency as being an important consideration for their investment – they need on-demand, real-time insights into how their money is performing and where it’s going. While the idea of ‘transparency’ is certainly a hot topic now, what role will this concept play as the CRE landscape continues to evolve?

Filmed live in New York City at the inaugural Propmodo Metatrends event, this video features a panel discussion moderated by Candyce Edelen (CEO and Founder of PropelGrowth) and featuring Ron Rossi (VP of Business Development at IMS), Michael Mandel (co-founder and CEO of CompStak), and Amy Millard (CMO at VTS). Listen in as they analyze the meaning of transparency in the commercial real estate industry.

The discussion highlights:

  • Which tools and technologies are essential for the 21st-century CRE professional
  • What it means to be transparent in the CRE industry today
  • How transparency can impact market liquidity
  • How advancements such as AI can expand what it means to be transparent
  • The role technology plays in providing investor transparency


Candyce Edelen
CEO and Founder
Ron Rossi
Vice President, Business Development
Investor Management Services
Michael Mandel
CEO and Co-Founder
Amy Millard