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Investor Portal 2020: What's New Learn about what new features are available on the sponsor admin portal and what things may have changed.

July 22, 2020 2:00-3:00 PM ET


Follow along live with Realpage IMS experts and engage with your peers in these interactive sessions, which showcase in-depth tutorials on how to utilize a specific feature within IMS.

Recurring Office Hours Beginning on July 23rd, join us every Tuesday or Thursday to learn how to set up your new Investor Portal 2020 and release the portal to your investors. 

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Participate in interactive trainings, learn about upcoming product features and releases, engage and network with other RealPage IMS users, and gain valuable industry insights from senior leaders at IMS.

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Check out our latest features!

IMS gives Sponsors the ability to securely send subscription and offering documents to investors through our eSignature feature. When investing in a new deal, eSignature documents allow investors and countersigners to sign documents online, from any device or location. With eSignatures, you do not need to print the document, fill it out, scan it and email/fax it back. You can do that whole process on your computer, tablet, or phone, without any paper.


To help Sponsors prepare for tax season, IMS has made enhancements to the Personal and Project Document feature. Admins can now bulk upload documents such as K-1s and other tax documents, at scale.


Choose from 3 unique upload methods: K-1 Uploading, Manual Matching, or Upload by Filename.

Download our K-1 Best Practice Guide!

Create User Segments to Send Targeted Email Campaigns

Email Segmentation, the latest enhancement to the CRM, is a method that Sponsors can use to send highly targeted emails to investors or prospect groups by dividing contacts into smaller groups, or “segments.” Within the CRM, create segments of individuals based on set criteria such as project association or investment amounts. We recommend utilizing this feature when sending communications such as marketing emails, new deal announcements, and project updates.

Email Segmentation Release Announcement



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  • Product Release Recap & Insights: Leverage "Bulk Document Uploader" to save time now and during tax season
  • Spotlight Feature Best Practices: Top five ways to leverage the CRM to connect with investors and boost investor engagement 
  • What's Happening In The Marketplace: Top trends in the CRE market, with a focus on Millennials as employees, investors, and industry colleagues
  • And much more, including a look inside our newest feature we've been working on! 

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Sneak peak of what you'll find inside:

  • Product Release Recap & Insights: "Email Segmentation" launched in Q2 as one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year 
  • Spotlight Feature Best Practices: Use Commitments and Capital Calls to explore new markets and gauge where investors want to invest next 
  • What's Happening In The Marketplace: Crowdfunding and Opportunity Zones are taking the CRE industry by storm
  • And much more, including what record IMS broke in Q2! 

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